"Jim Jim" is our happily retired lesson horse! In Jim Jim's younger years he competed in cutting and reining. Now he enjoys his days napping in the sun, being groomed, and munching away on acres and acres of green grass.  This happy guy is currently residing on one of our student's 100+ acre ranch in Creston!  Jim Jim has definitely spent many years wearing the tiniest of saddles to fit some of our youngest riders, and teaching first time students to fall in love with horses.  Be sure to visit our FACEBOOK page to stay up-to-date with Jim Jim's retirement life.


"Yellow" is one of Hanging Heart Ranch's most personable horses. With an intriguing sense of humor, Yellow will be sure to win you over as he answers "Yes" or "No" to all of your questions. Michelle originally met Yellow when he was a well known local barrel and pole horse.

After his competitive career he became a kids trail horse at a guest ranch where Michelle and Justine worked; they just couldn't leave him behind! Yellow loved teaching riders how to canter for the first time and always put a smile on everyone's faces. Yellow now enjoys his retirement at a friend's ranch in Santa Ynez where he is enjoying life out on pasture.